AFA Outsourcing

AFA Outsourcing is engaged in the:

Outsourcing, placement and management of non-critical staff
General recruitment and headhunting of key staff
Customised in-plant training of managerial and non-managerial staff
Staff Job Analysis and Description
Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions
Procurement and Supplies, and
Employee Attitude Surveys.

Afa Outsourcing has the professional competence in the structuring and implementation of outsourcing and other key HR support programmes and helps our Clients to achieve significant cost-savings and improved quality in the management of non-critical staff. In addition, we are continuously creative, and our services are backed by a team of highly qualified professionals using cohesive information technology-based systems and procedures. Our corporate outsourcing approach is based on international best practices and standards:

We Present Ourselves as a Business Partner and not just a Service Provider: Besides affordable price, expertise, flexibility, and other values that we offer, we strive to fully understand the clients’ work culture, business ethics and values using our experience, professionalism and expertise. This enables us to truly serve and function as a business partner with our clients. For us, therefore, outsourcing is an enduring and long-lasting relationship building based on trust, honesty, transparency, equity, fairness, excellent customer service, and relationship building.

We Build Broad Business Outcomes: Though cost saving is a major objective of outsourcing, we endeavour to take a much broader view of the benefits and challenges inherent in the scheme.

We See more than a Contract: In selecting us, we believe that our clients are buying into a journey and roadmap with clear vision and determination of reaching the destination in partnership and “cultural-fit” with Afa Outsourcing.

Value Sharing: We believe strongly that this business partnership is all about leveraging on our individual strengths and sharing both risks and rewards.

Good and Active Governance Best Practices: Effective outsourcing arrangement requires active involvement of all stakeholders in order to maintain good governance and management of the process and handling of all the sensitive issues that may arise for a better outcome.

Special Skill-set is required for Managing Outsourcing Relationship: We possess the required HR skill-set and coordination capacity necessary for managing the outsourcing relationship.

Top Management Involvement: We recognize that outsourcing is a full-time business requiring focused attention at the management level. As a result of this recognition, a member of Afa Outsourcing management team takes full charge of supervising the outsourcing arrangement before, during and after negotiation. It is our strong belief that the success of outsourcing relationship between us and a client depends on the care and nurturing of the process over-time, particularly at the implementation phase.

Focus on Objective: On a constant basis, we relentlessly focus on the objectives of cost reduction, improved processes, and professionalism while the client focuses on core business functions and competences. We adopt a phased approach in providing outsourcing services to our clients.

Our time time-tested methodology is based on the following schedule of activities:

a. Phase 1: Application, Discussion/Interview, Negotiation and Signing of Agreement

  • Indicate interest to serve as an outsourcing partner with a client
  • Enter into business discussions
  • Negotiate the outsourcing terms and conditions
  • Execute the outsourcing agreement.


b. Phase 2: Candidate Sourcing and Evaluation

  • Sourcing candidates based on job specifications, client’s expectations and Afa Outsourcing recruitment criteria.
  • Assessment of existing competent and qualified staff who meet Afa Outsourcing rigorous selection standards.


c. Phase 3: Absorption

  • Provide report on candidate assessment for both absorbed and newly sourced staff.
  • Issue appointment letters to all candidates and conclude all documentation requirements.
  • Carry out guarantor and reference checks.


d. Phase 4: On-site Deployment and Management

  • Pre-deployment orientation and or training
  • Periodic appraisal of deployed staff performance
  • Regular follow-up and review meetings with key client HR personnel on the performance of Afa Outsourcing and her staff.
  • Quarterly meetings with deployed staff.
  • Regular liaison for quality service
AFA Training

We undertake customized in-plant general management, human resources, marketing and sales training of managerial and non-managerial staff in order to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes. These tailor-made trainings are either held within clients’ premises or at other venues selected by our clients. Our training portfolio is divided into two broad categories:

Professional Skills Training

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Services
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Project Management


Personal Skills Training

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Goal Setting
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management
  • Attitude & Skills
  • Motivation
  • Life Coaching
  • Self Development
  • Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Skills Development
  • Attitude and Skills
AFA Consult

Afa Proserv Limited provides consultancy services in the following areas:

Recruitment & Headhunting: We provide corporate recruitment and headhunting services for all categories of staff. This we do by employing modern professional search, recruitment, selection and interviewing techniques and standards to track the right candidates to fill identified positions on time. In view of our wide-network in the job market (locally and overseas); our clients can rely on us to headhunt for key staff at very short notice but with expected satisfactory result.

Staff Job Analysis and Descriptions: We undertake detailed job analysis and prepare ISO certified portfolio of job descriptions which form the foundation for company-wide job evaluation exercise covering all jobs in the organisation. The job descriptions assist management in clearly communicating expectations of each job to the job-holders and remove all forms of ambiguity in job relationships. In addition, these job descriptions can subsequently be used to evaluate all jobs in the organisation in order to determine the relative worth of each job and achieve pay parity.

Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions: Afa Outsourcing specializes in professional preparation of standard operating procedures and work instructions that help to curb inherent risks associated with staff changes arising from attrition, promotions, transfers, etc. As a corollary, such procedures and work instructions are properly documented for future reference and as guide to staff action. It also enables management to have a large and sustainable pull of internally trained and skilled staff and resources for consistency in service delivery.

Performance Management System: We also help organisations to design and implement standardized performance management system that ensures uniformity, transparency and consistency in staff appraisals, career planning and management, staff motivation, reward systems, etc. Our customized performance management system will define job expectations, appraisal parameters and compensation and benefits systems.

Employee Attitude Surveys: Finally, we have developed an information-technology-driven survey system for tracking employee attitudes and feelings toward management policies, practices and procedures. After analysis, the result of the survey is presented to management to enable it determine areas of improvement in staff welfare issues, policies, procedures, industrial relations, etc.

AFA Marketing

Product Promotions and Road Shows
We provide clients with promoters, hostesses and models for any marketing activity. Afa Proserv Limited provides complete product promotion services covering selection, training, supervision, and reporting such as:

  • Canopy activities at high sporting and social activities across the country
  • Shopping Mall Activities
  • Visibility Promotions in Supermarkets and Petrol Stations
  • Trade Fair Promotions


Mystery Shopping
We use mystery shopping as a tool to assist our clients to measure and report back on the quality of service or compliance to set standards, or gather specific information about products and services, including the performance of field marketing staff. We take note of:

  • Number of employees in the Store
  • Attitude of the employees (greeting, friendliness, assistance, cleanliness, service speed, etc)
  • Responses to questions
  • Sales presentations made
  • General Compliance with Company standards


Other Below-the-Line Activities
We take clients’ products and services closer to the customer to experience and buy. Our goal is to be a true partner to our clients in the promotion of their brands and businesses through the use of:

  • Mobile van promotions across major cities in Nigeria
  • Direct selling
  • Direct Mailing
  • Sampling Programs
  • Doorstep Leaflet Distribution
  • Exhibition Support Services
  • Field Research and Audit
AFA Entertainment & Event

Our Management Team handles all client requirements from conceptualization to execution, leaving the client free to focus completely on achieving their corporate objectives. With proper planning and dedicated suppliers in place we successfully manage such events as:

  • Customers or dealers meetings
  • Sponsorships
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Award Ceremonies & Other Off-Site Events


In addition, Afa Proserv Limited operates the ultra-modern Afa Recreation & Events Centre located along Isheri-LASU Expressway (opposite General Hospital, Igando) where we provide state-of-the-art facilities for managing all categories of events and relaxation for individuals, families, youths and the young-at-heart.

AFA Supplies

Afa Proserv Limited specialises in procurement and supplies services based on predetermined schedules and fixed budgets. We recognise that failure to meet the supply deadlines can result in heavy losses for all parties involved. This means less profit and more cost.
The comprehensive supply and procurement solutions offered by AFA Proserv Limited makes client project execution much simpler and cost effective. Apart from handling the procurement requirements, managing the costs and supply schedule to ensure timely project completion we strive to deliver within budget.

Regardless of the size of client business and the level of project difficulty, with Afa Proserv Limited you can be sure of receiving world-class procurement and supply services. Whether you are dealing with a highly complex project or a straight forward one, our procurement and supply solutions can ensure its successful completion in the most efficient manner. Whether it is a government project or a commercial initiative, we provide customized solutions for every business.

AFA Logistics

Logistics management is one of our key areas of expertise. Whether you want to transfer some goods or need to move your entire facility to a new location, our team can manage the project logistics from start to end. Our team members are highly experienced and capable of managing specialized projects of any scale.

We specialize and offer solutions in areas like sales and operations planning, demand management, inventory management, production planning, scheduling and distribution. We ensure that clients’ projects are planned and completed precisely as specified and on time.

Our supply chain services are focused on activities dealing with the coordination of the flow of physical commodities as well as information. They cover all the activities right from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers.

Afa Proserv Limited delivers strategic business solutions that enable clients to collect, process and share information across their extended supply chain. Knowledge of the industry and well-established relationships are essential for ensuring that your goods are delivered at desired locations on time and Afa Proserv limited brings both of these to the table. Our team members are dedicated to offering the best and the most economical solutions to our clients. The unique combination of experience and innovation enables us to deliver real positive impact on your bottom line.

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